Caring for Adult Toys

All Kinds of Adult Toys, Their Constituents, and Instructions for Care

Adult toys are often used in masturbation and sexual intercourse. Rubbing your bean, choking your chicken, and getting it on are all enjoyable, although only a certain level of pleasure can be derived from skin-to-skin contact.

Given you’re comfortable with the use of adult toys, trusting of your partner – if you have one that’s up for play with adult toys – and having toys made of top-notch materials is a surefire way to have some of the most enjoyable sexual relations you’ve ever experienced. Let’s look into different kinds of adult toys, how one – or more – can use them, and other tidbits, tricks, and tips every able-bodied adult should know about Sex Toys at JouJou, even if they’re not planning on using them.
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What are sex toys made out of?

Similar to other goods in life, adult toys are made of virtually everything under the sun. Wood, plastic, rubber, glass, steel, and combinations of the above all makeup oodles of adult toys.

Impermeable adult toys are those that don’t allow foreign substances to enter their exterior unless forcefully administered. Such non-porous adult toy materials include glass, steel, silicone, and Pyrex. They don’t absorb bodily fluids, water, or other foreign bodies to enter the surface of these toys and stay intact.

Porous adult toys include Cyberskin, rubber, plastic, latex, vinyl, and jelly rubber, among others. These are generally regarded as less safe as their impermeable counterparts. Porous adult toys should also be cleaned more carefully than impermeable models.

How should adult toys be cared for?

First, buy a sex toy cleaner. Don’t be afraid to spend a pretty penny on it, either, as it makes the environment to use adult toys far more safe than when using toys not cleaned with a specialized solution.

Wash all toys in lukewarm to warm water. First, rinse them. Next, use a mild soap free of any fragrances to gently scrub them with a gentle sponge or cleaning cloth. Be careful not to let your toys soak in any kind of water, however.

When done, softly pat dry to remove excess moisture, then allow them to air dry in an open area with sufficient ventilation.

Store them out of eyesight of friends, family members, and children – you’ll save yourself a world of trouble.

Popular types of adult toys

There are more types of adult toys than one could imagine. Including a Joujou Strapon. However, here are the most popular toys used around most parts of the world today.

Anal beads are made up of two or more hard, non-porous balls attached to a sturdy string. Insert into the anus or vagina during sexual relations, then gently pull out to induce orgasm.

Cock rings help men hold stiff erections for long periods of time.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a long toy, similar to a massage tool, with a large, bulbous head on one end. It’s used to stimulate the clitoris.

Adult Toys 101

Sexual Education 101, Adult Toys Edition – Ingredients, Lubricants, and Safe Cleaning Practices

While not everybody has used them, adult toys are a great way to spice up your sex life – whether it’s with one or more people, or all by your not-so-lonesome. Adult toys seem simple to use, with few exceptions, although most people need a quick refresher course prior to using them.

Adult toys, just like the people who use them, can carry diseases and cause infections. Although sexually transmitted diseases can’t form from thin air, mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses can certainly find their way onto or inside adult toys. Let’s look into some of the best practices for using Joujou Sex Toys, both by yourself and with others.

Porous adult toys

Sponges are porous, meaning they absorb whatever’s around them. Porous adult toys are the same, absorbing human body fluids, water, and anything else they come into contact with. They should be cleaned far more thoroughly than their non-porous counterparts.

Jelly rubber toys contain phthalates, a harmful chemical used to soften rubber that has been shown to cause cancer in its users. Although they’re readily available and cheap, they’re cheap for a reason. Rather than cleaning these toys, throw them in the garbage. Now.

Soft plasticy-material (rubber, latex, plastic, etc.) should be washed in warm water and mild soap. Because they’re porous, also make sure to use a toy- and human-friendly adult toy cleaner. Don’t let them soak in dishwater, as they often absorb soap, leaving adult toys created from this material torn, ripped, and otherwise degraded.
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Cyberskin adult toys are relatively new. They’re designed to emulate the feel of real-deal human skin. However, they’re difficult to clean. Cyberskin toys, in infected, can never be 100% ridden of their contaminants. If you decide to use one of these adult toys, rinse in warm water, wash with warm soapy water by hand, then dry by air.

Non-porous adult toys

Even though these adult toys aren’t as potentially dangerous as their porous not-so-better halves, they should be cleaned just as thoroughly.

Some silicone toys can be boiled at low temperatures, although boiling can ruin some toys, so stick to hand-washing. Warm water rinse, soap-included warm wash, air dry.

Dildos at Joujou are very easy to clean, they never absorb any external material, and are super sturdy. As with all other adult toys, make sure to clean thoroughly. You can towel-dry steel toys.

If you own a glass toy, treat it is as its steel cousin. If you own a Pyrex adult toy, treat it the same – you can even boil it in water.


Water-based lubricant – “lube” for short – is seamless to wash off. It’s also compatible with virtually all adult toys, and is even vegan-friendly!

Silicone-based lubes are ideal for situations outside of those including water, as water-based lubricants will quickly degrade and dissipate. Don’t ever use these on silicone toys.

Oil-based lubes, well, SUCK! Only use for anal play, never use with jelly, silicone, or otherwise plastic adult toys. Never use in the veginal canal. Just buy some new lube, sheesh.

Sex Toys Inspire Creativity

Sex Toys Inspire Creativity

Spice things up with adult toys

Are things getting dull in the bedroom? Don’t let things stay flat. A steady supply of sex toys are going to make your love life into an entirely new creation. Millions of people purchase these items each year and discover that love is a lot better when the right accessories are waiting one another in the bedroom. It’s a whole new way to explore each other’s bodies.

Sex toys have been around for decades but in the old days people were ashamed to even mention them. They were tucked away in drawers and people ordered them discreetly. While people still order adult toys discreetly, and rightly so, there is a whole new dimension of attitudes about these products. People freely have “sex toys” featured at their parties and even your friendly Christian next door neighbor might sell these to their friends in order to help them spice their Christian marriages up. That’s right. Even the Godly don’t care to share adult toys with people they love. Love is all about exploring each other in the most thorough, complete way possible, and what better way to give your partner pleasure than with a round of JouJou Sex Toys that suit their tastes?

If your love life has fallen flat lately and you’re wondering how to give your partner something new, sex toys might be the answer. Some of the toys look just like certain body parts while others spice things up with a novelty angle. No matter what kind of toy you get, it’s sure to add something to the love making that you’re currently enjoying with your partner. As always, hygiene is an important part of maintaining toys and remaining healthy while doing so. It’s very important to wash them regularly and keep your partner and you both free of any kind of infection due to improper use. The great thing about these sex toys is that they come with explicit instructions on how to properly maintain them and keep them in great shape over the years, no matter how frequently you use Joujou Vibrators

If you’re tired of the same old routine in the bedroom, sex toys are going to spice things up more than you’ve ever dreamed possible. You’re going to feel new in the bedroom and bring a certain new magic into your love life that has been missing from it for far too long.

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Life of Your Sex Toys

Life of Your Sex Toys

Sex toys improve your sex life, so it’s easy to say the products are an important investment that you want to protect. Keeping your toys at their best for the longest time period isn’t as difficult as you might think. The five tips below make caring for your adult toys, and prolonging their lifetime, much easier.
1. Be Careful
There are wires on most sex toys, and these wires are easy to damage if you fail to carefully handle your toy. Of course, wires on the inside of the unit are just one of the many potential parts of your toy that is easily damaged. Handle your Joujou Sex Toys carefully at all times, and reduce worry!
2. Take the Batteries Out
Leaky batteries ruin your toys in a matter of seconds. This is easily preventable, however, by simply removing the batteries when finished. Also, use quality batteries to reduce risks.
3. Use Condoms
Using condoms with your toy keeps it clean and sanitary. If you’re sharing toys with someone else, or using them anally, always use a condom.
4. Clean the Toys
Don’t put your sex toys in water. You probably know by now that electronics and water aren’t friends, and this will quickly ruin your toy. Simply clean with a baby wipe or a soft cloth and water. Avoid anti-bacterial wipes and cleanser with astringents or alcohol inside.

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5. Proper Storage is Important
When you’re finished with your sex toys, properly storing them until next use is imperative. No matter where you hide your stash, the location should be clean, discreet, and easy to reach. There are boxes and containers made specifically for sex toys if you prefer to use them.
Final Thoughts
When you spend your hard-earned money on sex toys, don’t get less than what you deserve from the purchase. Use the five tips above, and prolonging the life of your toys is easier than ever.