Adult Toys 101

Sexual Education 101, Adult Toys Edition – Ingredients, Lubricants, and Safe Cleaning Practices

While not everybody has used them, adult toys are a great way to spice up your sex life – whether it’s with one or more people, or all by your not-so-lonesome. Adult toys seem simple to use, with few exceptions, although most people need a quick refresher course prior to using them.

Adult toys, just like the people who use them, can carry diseases and cause infections. Although sexually transmitted diseases can’t form from thin air, mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses can certainly find their way onto or inside adult toys. Let’s look into some of the best practices for using Joujou Sex Toys, both by yourself and with others.

Porous adult toys

Sponges are porous, meaning they absorb whatever’s around them. Porous adult toys are the same, absorbing human body fluids, water, and anything else they come into contact with. They should be cleaned far more thoroughly than their non-porous counterparts.

Jelly rubber toys contain phthalates, a harmful chemical used to soften rubber that has been shown to cause cancer in its users. Although they’re readily available and cheap, they’re cheap for a reason. Rather than cleaning these toys, throw them in the garbage. Now.

Soft plasticy-material (rubber, latex, plastic, etc.) should be washed in warm water and mild soap. Because they’re porous, also make sure to use a toy- and human-friendly adult toy cleaner. Don’t let them soak in dishwater, as they often absorb soap, leaving adult toys created from this material torn, ripped, and otherwise degraded.
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Cyberskin adult toys are relatively new. They’re designed to emulate the feel of real-deal human skin. However, they’re difficult to clean. Cyberskin toys, in infected, can never be 100% ridden of their contaminants. If you decide to use one of these adult toys, rinse in warm water, wash with warm soapy water by hand, then dry by air.

Non-porous adult toys

Even though these adult toys aren’t as potentially dangerous as their porous not-so-better halves, they should be cleaned just as thoroughly.

Some silicone toys can be boiled at low temperatures, although boiling can ruin some toys, so stick to hand-washing. Warm water rinse, soap-included warm wash, air dry.

Dildos at Joujou are very easy to clean, they never absorb any external material, and are super sturdy. As with all other adult toys, make sure to clean thoroughly. You can towel-dry steel toys.

If you own a glass toy, treat it is as its steel cousin. If you own a Pyrex adult toy, treat it the same – you can even boil it in water.


Water-based lubricant – “lube” for short – is seamless to wash off. It’s also compatible with virtually all adult toys, and is even vegan-friendly!

Silicone-based lubes are ideal for situations outside of those including water, as water-based lubricants will quickly degrade and dissipate. Don’t ever use these on silicone toys.

Oil-based lubes, well, SUCK! Only use for anal play, never use with jelly, silicone, or otherwise plastic adult toys. Never use in the veginal canal. Just buy some new lube, sheesh.

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