Caring for Adult Toys

All Kinds of Adult Toys, Their Constituents, and Instructions for Care

Adult toys are often used in masturbation and sexual intercourse. Rubbing your bean, choking your chicken, and getting it on are all enjoyable, although only a certain level of pleasure can be derived from skin-to-skin contact.

Given you’re comfortable with the use of adult toys, trusting of your partner – if you have one that’s up for play with adult toys – and having toys made of top-notch materials is a surefire way to have some of the most enjoyable sexual relations you’ve ever experienced. Let’s look into different kinds of adult toys, how one – or more – can use them, and other tidbits, tricks, and tips every able-bodied adult should know about Sex Toys at JouJou, even if they’re not planning on using them.
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What are sex toys made out of?

Similar to other goods in life, adult toys are made of virtually everything under the sun. Wood, plastic, rubber, glass, steel, and combinations of the above all makeup oodles of adult toys.

Impermeable adult toys¬†are those that don’t allow foreign substances to enter their exterior unless forcefully administered. Such non-porous adult toy materials include glass, steel, silicone, and Pyrex. They don’t absorb bodily fluids, water, or other foreign bodies to enter the surface of these toys and stay intact.

Porous adult toys include Cyberskin, rubber, plastic, latex, vinyl, and jelly rubber, among others. These are generally regarded as less safe as their impermeable counterparts. Porous adult toys should also be cleaned more carefully than impermeable models.

How should adult toys be cared for?

First, buy a sex toy cleaner. Don’t be afraid to spend a pretty penny on it, either, as it makes the environment to use adult toys far more safe than when using toys not cleaned with a specialized solution.

Wash all toys in lukewarm to warm water. First, rinse them. Next, use a mild soap free of any fragrances to gently scrub them with a gentle sponge or cleaning cloth. Be careful not to let your toys soak in any kind of water, however.

When done, softly pat dry to remove excess moisture, then allow them to air dry in an open area with sufficient ventilation.

Store them out of eyesight of friends, family members, and children – you’ll save yourself a world of trouble.

Popular types of adult toys

There are more types of adult toys than one could imagine. Including a Joujou Strapon. However, here are the most popular toys used around most parts of the world today.

Anal beads are made up of two or more hard, non-porous balls attached to a sturdy string. Insert into the anus or vagina during sexual relations, then gently pull out to induce orgasm.

Cock rings help men hold stiff erections for long periods of time.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a long toy, similar to a massage tool, with a large, bulbous head on one end. It’s used to stimulate the clitoris.

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