Life of Your Sex Toys

Life of Your Sex Toys

Sex toys improve your sex life, so it’s easy to say the products are an important investment that you want to protect. Keeping your toys at their best for the longest time period isn’t as difficult as you might think. The five tips below make caring for your adult toys, and prolonging their lifetime, much easier.
1. Be Careful
There are wires on most sex toys, and these wires are easy to damage if you fail to carefully handle your toy. Of course, wires on the inside of the unit are just one of the many potential parts of your toy that is easily damaged. Handle your Joujou Sex Toys carefully at all times, and reduce worry!
2. Take the Batteries Out
Leaky batteries ruin your toys in a matter of seconds. This is easily preventable, however, by simply removing the batteries when finished. Also, use quality batteries to reduce risks.
3. Use Condoms
Using condoms with your toy keeps it clean and sanitary. If you’re sharing toys with someone else, or using them anally, always use a condom.
4. Clean the Toys
Don’t put your sex toys in water. You probably know by now that electronics and water aren’t friends, and this will quickly ruin your toy. Simply clean with a baby wipe or a soft cloth and water. Avoid anti-bacterial wipes and cleanser with astringents or alcohol inside.

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5. Proper Storage is Important
When you’re finished with your sex toys, properly storing them until next use is imperative. No matter where you hide your stash, the location should be clean, discreet, and easy to reach. There are boxes and containers made specifically for sex toys if you prefer to use them.
Final Thoughts
When you spend your hard-earned money on sex toys, don’t get less than what you deserve from the purchase. Use the five tips above, and prolonging the life of your toys is easier than ever.

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